Join Our Team

At Triomf, we are always searching for quality people who can bring their experience and new perspectives to the team. When you work at Triomf, you’ll be collaborating with some of the railway signalling industry’s best engineers and thrive in a passionate team that works together to succeed. We incorporate a range of roles, from engineers to project managers and trainees within our diverse, inclusive environment.

Triomf views its team of highly trained professionals as one of its most valuable assets. Triomf focuses on the retention and development of employees by ensuring its team is appropriately supported and given the chance to progress in their roles. This includes in-house and external training where necessary as well as programs to help develop the employees’ skills to further increase knowledge within the railway signalling industry. The development of employees has resulted in a skilled, high performing, unified and loyal team culture and stable workforce. Triomf is currently accepting CVs for experienced signalling engineers to join our teams in NSW & QLD.